Pylontech is a vertically integrated manufacturer of tier one ‘smart’ or ‘managed’ lithium batteries. It controls every facet of production from the lithium mines, to the silicon chips and cell production – nothing is outsourced.


They have over 10 years operation specialising in stationary battery energy storage systems (BESS) or stand-alone power systems (SAPS). Pylontech has delivered an incredible storage capacity of over 3GWH, in over 80 countries, making them top 3 in the world.

Pylontech specialize in reliability and performance with safe LFP technology for voltages of 12V (extra low voltage) to 1500V (high voltage).

Pylontech’s high quality is very popular as the core component for other brands such as Sonnen and Redback.

The Pylontech range includes rack mounted and stackable models that are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved as a pre-assembled Battery System.

Pylontech managed lithium batteries can be used to deliver a fully integrated and supported system with Victron Energy, Selectronic and SMA inverter/chargers.

Pylontech batteries are compatible with over 40 of the world’s best-known inverters. Click here for a complete list of approved inverters.