You can get what you need, when you need it.

We concentrate on a few high-quality brands, so we don’t have to spread our resources across too many products.

This allows us to maximise the range choice for each brand and hold larger quantities of each product.

Stock at warehouses across the country enables a national reach, alternate options for freight dispatch and a fastest possible delivery time.


Reliable availability

Fast turn-around

Few stock-outs

Confidence to deliver the project for the customer on time

Technical Support

Expert assistance during the design, commissioning and post-installation phases is critical to having a happy customer and making a profit.

Nobody can be an expert on everything, so we focus on a few high-quality brands to deliver fully integrated and supported systems.

You won’t get caught between two manufacturer’s pointing fingers at each other.

We are continuously developing our in-house knowledge so we can share it with our customers.

*Note: Service only provided for products purchased through Battery Works by our trade customers – not retail or end users.


Teach a man to fish and he’ll never go hungry, or an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, or you can’t sell it if you don’t know it.

We continuously develop our in-house knowledge of the products and integrated systems we can supply for the purpose of sharing it with our customers.

Our training is developed from years of real-world experience providing tech support during the design, commissioning, and post-installation phases on the products we sell.

We provide regular classroom and hands-on workshops with our live training system facilities at all our warehouse/offices.

In addition, we travel as much as we can to provide training, so always check in on our Events page for the latest training information.


Proactive strategy to gain an advantage over your competitors Understand the benefits and opportunities Reduce likelihood of problems Confidence to deliver the project for the customer on time

After Sales Support

You are responsible for products and systems long after their installation.

The end user may want to change or expand the system, or you may have a performance issue, or even a warranty.

If you bought it from us, we return the loyalty and work the issue with you until it is resolved. We are not another company just trying to shift another box.

We understand that often your customer is totally dependent on the power supply from the battery storage system.

So, Battery Works provides our good customers with technical support and warranty service above and beyond manufacturer’s minimum.