SMA is German solar inverter manufacturer founded in 1981 which began operating in Australia in 2007. Their Sunny Island inverter/chargers are famous in off-grid battery energy storage (BESS) and stand-alone storage systems SAPS systems. Now, Pylontech US Series lithium batteries are approved by SMA to use with all Sunny Islands.


The Sunny Island inverter/charger was developed for off-grid and grid-connected applications in 2001. Available in 3 sizes 4.4M, 6.0H and 8.0H, the Sunny Island has achieved unit sales of over 120,000.

With new Australian Standards AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 for grid connected inverters, the Sunny Island is expected to return to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) list of approved inverters and PCE in early 2022.

Additionally, SMA approved Pylontech’s range of 48V US Series rack mounted battery modules and added them to the official compatible battery list for the Sunny Island in January, 2022.

‘Smart’ lithium Pylontech batteries provide SMA installers with a reliable, fully integrated and supported solution for both:

Existing customers who need a simple retro-fit for lead battery banks that are at end-of-life.

New customers who want minimal risk with an inverter/charger and battery combination approved an supported by both manufacturers.

Battery Works has live Sunny Island and Pylontech battery energy storage systems in all its training and testing facilities across Australia. Installers can enjoy lower risk and a single source of supply and expert technical support for every SMA/Pylontech project.