Victron Energy is a manufacturer from The Netherlands with all the core products you need to build an ELV (extra low voltage) BESS (battery energy storage system) for various applications, such as off-grid, marine or automotive.


Their range provides unrivalled integration of battery chemistries and brands, flexibility of design and scalability to create custom solutions. 12V, 24V and 48V systems up to a maximum 180kVA.

Pioneering the renewable energy industry for over 45 years, they manufacture the biggest range of high-quality inverters, chargers, inverter/chargers (Multiplus, Quattro), solar charge controllers, DC-DC converters, battery monitors, batteries and remote system monitors.

They lead the market with the introduction of new technologies and are always testing and partnering with other manufacturers who can deliver added benefit to their customers.

The Victron Energy range includes inverter/chargers such as Multiplus and Quattro and solar charge controllers such as SmartSolar MPPT that are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved as Power Conversion Equipment.

Victron Energy are always striving to provide complete integrated solutions that resolve issues when trying to integrate third party products.

For example, Fronius PV inverters are integrated at factory for AC Coupling, Pylontech ‘smart’ batteries automatically integrate with system monitoring and Wakespeed alternator regulators communicate directly with the VE.Bus BMS for Victron’s Smart Lithium batteries.

Victron Energy inverter/chargers and other products such as SmartSolar solar charge controllers, can be used with Pylontech managed lithium batteries to deliver a fully integrated and supported system.