Victron Warranty

Goods returned without a completed form will not be processed. A separate form is to be completed for each item that is being returned.

Goods that are returned for warranty assessment, that are deemed not warranty, may incur assessment and / or freight charges. If Battery Works has organised an advanced warranty unit for you, for this unit to be accepted for credit to your advanced warranty invoice, it must be returned un-opened and the packaging undamaged.

Goods that are returned and are deemed to be physically damaged, and / or liquid damaged, and / or tampered with, and / or incorrectly installed, will not be processed for a warranty claim, but will be assessed if it is economical to repair. You will be liable for an assessment fee, repair or replacement cost, including freight.

Please attached this completed form to the goods, when returning. Please keep a copy of this form, for your own records.

Your Details

Enter your company name
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End User details

Address to send replacement(Required)

Product information

Example - PMP482505010
Example - HQ2301abcd123
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This is the Bluetooth PIN if not the default 000000
Select an option(Required)

Is there water damage?(Required)
Is the firmware up to date?
Upload an image if it helps to descibe the fault.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

Print a copy of the form to include with the returned item.

You will be contacted on where to send the faulty item after we process this form.
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